lunes, 17 de febrero de 2014

Thank you letter to John Kerry U.S. Secretary of State.

Mr. John Kerry,

The Venezuelan people are deeply grateful for the support given to us in these difficult times that our country is facing. The citizens of Venezuela are struggling for their right to live in democracy and freedom. The Venezuelan people are fighting for country that is rightfully theirs.

Throughout this painful struggle,  many have been killed due to armed groups that the Madura and his government have formed. They use violence to instill fear in the Venezuelan population even though these young students are protesting peacefully without weapons. Instead they are armed with hope and the desire to choose their own destiny.

The deep appreciation of Venezuelans must be accompanied with a personal question. What should the most powerful country in the world, one that represents democracy and freedom, do when an illegitimate authority takes over Venezuela? What can the United States do in order to help the youth in this country. This undemocratic power steals the country's resource for their own financial and economic benefits. Through this they have undermined and insulted the democracy Venezuela once had.  What can the United States do in order to help the youth in this country? How can we aid those fighting for something as simple as democratic right?

Once again I would like to express my deep appreciation to you and the government for seeing the injustice occurring in Venezuela. Thank you for sharing the concern with millions of Venezuelans who are worried about their country and for the welfare of its youth.

Mr Kerry, I strongly believe that the neighbor's peace is to also have peace within yourself. Venezuela is an important neighbor of the United States of America and we need your help.

Col. (GN) Antonio Semprun

@ Antoniosemprun