sábado, 22 de febrero de 2014

Honorable President of United State

I have the honor of addressing you along with the opportunity to let you know my deep concern over the painful situation in my country. I know that your time Is limited and that there are not enough hours in the day to solve a problem as large as this. However, because of my patriotic responsibility for my country, I ask for a minute of your time.
In Venezuela, the regime presided by Mr. Nicolas Maduro Moros, is killing young students who are taking streets to peacefully protest for their right to live in democracy. After only a few days of peaceful protest, there are many young students killed, detained and missing.  
Unfortunately, Mr. Maduro’s reasoning for unjustly taking away the rights of the Venezuelan people is because of power. He and his government are dedicated to remain in power at all costs. Mr. President, the people of Venezuela are alone in these difficult times and are fighting for their rights to restore peace for their country.
The recent arrest of Mr. Leopoldo López has lead to the Attorney General of the Republic, who is under the control of the government, is now accusing him of nine offenses. This is a clear demonstration of how the regime under Mr. Nicolas Maduro is using fear as a weapon to silence the voices of the Venezuelan people who are simply fighting for democracy and peace.
This letter, Mr. President, is to ask for your help. We need your help as a democrat, as a lawyer, as a father and as a symbol of what freedom should look like. There are young students dying everyday just because they wanted a promising future for their unborn children and for themselves. It should be any citizen’s right to live in a land with opportunity and freedom. The people of Venezuela are living in fear and I believe that you can give them the hope they need to survive. Thank you for you time and consideration.
Col. (GN) Antonio Semprun

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